Soil biology and Agriculture (World Soil Day 2020)

On #WorldSoilDay2020 , Dr. Rachel Creamer (Chair, Soil Biology Group- Wageningen University) discusses how soil biology is inextricably linked to agriculture. Produced by: Soils4Africa

EU missions – Soil health and food

Land and soils are essential for all life-sustaining processes on our planet. They are the basis for the food we grow as well as for many other products such as feed, textiles, or wood. Soils also provide a range of ecosystem services which are important for clean water, supporting biodiversity or for cycling nutrients and regulating climate. Soils are highly dynamic and fragile systems - and they are a finite resource. It can take up to 1,000 years to produce 1cm of soil. Soils are facing pressures from an increasing population with demands on land for production, settlement and industries. Soils are also heavily affected by climate change, erosion and sea level rises. Approximately 33% of our global soils are degraded and in the EU, erosion is affecting 25% of agricultural land.
Produced by: FAO

Soil 101

An animated introduction to soils functions and threats.
Produced by: FAO

The Value of Soil

This film depicts the value of productive land in provision of ecosystem services and goes on to show the current rapid depletion of this valuable non-renewable resource.
Produced by: Economics of Land Degradation (ELD Initiative)


Creating digital soil property maps (Global SoilMap project)

Hannes Reuter explains how the GlobalSoilMap team is creating digital soil property maps, important for assuring food security.
​Produced by: FAO