​​Have your say on EU missions for adapting to climate change, conquering cancer, greener cities and healthy oceans and soils (September 2, 2020)

How would you tackle adaptation to climate change? Got an idea to make cities greener? Care about healthy oceans, and healthy soils for food, people and the planet? Want to help conquer cancer? Now you can share your views with the Commission in the EU missions' call for ideas open from 1 to 14 September 2020. Read More >>

​​Soils4Africa project kicks off (September 2, 2020)

A 2-day meeting (September 1-2, 2020) marked the kickoff of the Soils4Africa project. In line with COVID-19-related measures across the world, the meeting was virtual. Project partners thrashed out details related to modalities of the project's implementation. Work has already begun on preparation of 'use cases,' or profiles of active/potential soil information users from various sectors (land management, soil research, agriculture, agribusinesses, etc.). These profiles will inform the choice of indicators in the Soil Information System (SIS)​, and various aspects of its usability. (More information on this will be available soon)