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Early November 2022, Soils4Africa project organized the sixth (6) workshop for capacity building and training for the field campaign. The training workshop included training on the protocols and tools to be used for the field survey for both standard sampling sites and reference sites and the instructions for, and use of tools for the management of the field campaign, including for planning and budgeting for the field campaign within the country.
In total, 33 country supervisors and technical members attended the 4-day training in Kenya. The participants come from Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Nigeria.
​ Discussing soil sampling techniques during training.

The participants were impressed with the tools and the apps that we presented for systematic soil sampling. During the training, participants learned the app for generating QR codes, the ODK form that was well designed, and especially the Soil Data Management Tool (SDMT) that supports many of the tasks of the country supervisor and regional hub coordinator.

Soils4Africa project has developed a series of videos on soil sampling techniques, and the Soil Data Management Tool. Many videos are available in multiple languages: English, French and Arabic. We invite you to visit our Youtube channel for all available videos.

Soils4Africa project aims to build an open-access soil information system (SIS) for Africa, with key indicators, underpinning data, and standardized methodologies for repeated soil monitoring. The SIS will ultimately aid efforts towards Sustainable Intensification of agriculture across the continent. For more information about the project, visit our website: https://www.soils4africa-h2020.eu/