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January – February 2024 - Progress update from the North Africa Hub

In recent months, the North Africa Hub has seen great progress with training and soil sample collection campaigns in different countries. Soils4Africa project is glad to share some of the recent developments.
  1. Completion of Field Campaigns in Libya. Our colleges collected through the fieldwork the 100% of the samples needed for the project. Efforts in Libya extended beyond fieldwork, with the preparation of samples for shipping to South Africa, where they would be further analyzed.
  2. Progress in Tunisia. Field campaigns continue, reaching an impressive 99% completion rate. The samples in Tunisia are also being processed and prepared for their shipment to South Africa.
  3. Progress in Mauritania. Field campaigns in Mauritania are also nearing completion, hitting a remarkable 95% progress rate. In a collaborative effort between Soils4Africa and the University Center for Cartography and Remote Sensing (CUCT) at the University Of Nouakchott, a training session was organized in Mauritania from the 3rd to the 13th of December. Mr. Achraf Katar led a comprehensive training program, going through both theoretical frameworks and hands-on applications of the soil sampling methodologies

Beyond the progress in the individual countries, the team is also actively working to coordinate and arrange administrative processes with other countries in the North Africa Hub.

Credit: mr. Achraf Katar - Soils4Africa Project Partner