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Soils4Africa at FNSSA Stakeholder Engagement Week  

May 14, 2021

The Soils4Africa project aims at developing and operationalizing an open access Soil Information System (SIS) for Africa. The SIS will contain data underpinned by rigorously selected soil quality indicators and a sound methodology. The data sets will be updateable and interoperable with other relevant databases. It will have a user-friendly presentation to respond to the soil data need of the broad stakeholder group such as researchers, farmers, other land users, fertilizer manufacturers, extension and advisory service providers, and policymakers, among others.
The Soils4Africa SIS will become an essential part of the knowledge and information system of the EU-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership on Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA), thus contributing to the evolving design for agricultural development in Africa.
In a webinar at the FNSSA Stakeholder Engagement Week (May 31-June 04, 2021), Soils4Africa will discuss strategies to embed the SIS in FNSSA’s knowledge platform, as a key soil information database that contributes  towards effective land use for sustainable agricultural intensification in Africa. Speakers will include project team members, as well as key stakeholders from Africa and Europe.
The webinar will be held on June 03, 2021, 1100-1300 GMT (Click here for local timings in your area: https://tinyurl.com/s4a-sis
The webinar is open to all. To participate, please register at https://tinyurl.com/r3v6z9ft
Download the programme and more information about the webinar from here: https://tinyurl.com/s4a-fnssa